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Decisive Debates: ‘Fracking threatens our water resources’

Posted on 13 May 2014
A fracking rig drills in a field in a farm plot.
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Energy and water have always been closely linked, but shale gas exploration and water have a particularly intimate connection. In light of the South African government’s decision to move forward with exploration in the Karoo basin, a recognised water-scarce region, should the public be concerned at the potential threat to freshwater availability and quality? How will these risks be mitigated? Should we frack at all?

These questions and issues will be explored in the next WWF and SAfm DecisiveDebate on AM Live, where the motion will be ‘fracking threatens our water resources’.

Often the solution to deeply contentious issues lies simply in ‘reframing’ the conversation. This is exactly what the DecisiveDebates series aims to do – provide an opportunity for dynamic, outspoken experts to engage directly with a range of hot topics. Each team in the DecisiveDebates is given three chances to persuade the audience (both live in studio and tuned in) with opening, rebuttal and closing arguments.

The aim is to entertain and engage, and advance important issues in ways that make for compulsive listening. The audience, by way of voting, will determine the winning side.

The WWF-SAfm DecisiveDebates series:
Encouraging debate on important environmental issues

When: 07h30 - 09h30, 30 May 2014
Where: The Gordon Institute of Business Science, 26 Melville Road, Illovo, Johannesburg (map)
Moderator: Sakina Kamwendo, SAfm AM Live

You can make your voice heard by tuning into SAfm (104 – 107FM) on the day. You can also cast your vote at the end of the debate by sending an SMS to 34701 at R2.00 per SMS and voting in our online poll at

For more information, contact Gillian Farmer
A fracking rig drills in a field in a farm plot.
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