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What's a bucket got to do with it?

The Western Cape's worst drought in a century is getting real. In homes, half of Cape Town’s citizens are getting good at water saving by collecting shower water in buckets and using grey water to flush their toilets. Now, hot on the heels of Watershed Wednesday – a day of discomfort and extreme water rationing in shared offices – the big idea is for everyone to realise we can only save water while we have water to save.

What is the Bucket List Challenge?

Remember the Ice Bucket Challenge? This is similar except knowing that the Western Cape is in the midst of a devastating drought, our challenge does not include ice or water. Our bucket is empty. The Bucket List Challenge aims to raise awareness of the severity of the drought and encourage people to urgently do something about it.

The Bucket List Challenge is a call to the leaders of companies and shared spaces to share their Bucket List ideas and innovations for encouraging water saving at work. Given that we spend so much time in offices and other public spaces, we need to take our water-saving actions with us when we leave our homes.

How do I get involved?

We want you to tell us what your organisation or department is doing to save water or reduce water use where it matters most and share your water-saving innovations. Speak up and encourage your leader to commit to the Bucket List Challenge, then pass the challenge on to other companies to do the same.

If one CEO, facilities manager or branch manager challenges three others, and they all challenge three other leaders, it won’t take long for several businesses to take part and make a real difference.

What’s more, there’s an exciting competition element to the Bucket List Challenge (read the terms and conditions). We will reward those with the most innovative, creative and effective water saving endeavours with prizes and plenty kudos by telling the whole country about you and your water-wise ways.


What do I do next?

The #BucketList Challenge is simple. Enter the competition in four easy steps.

One: Complete the #BucketList entry form here.

Two: Upload your entry at the link above or email it to

Three: For bonus points, film a short video (1 minute or less) that clearly says your company’s name, talks about 2-3 of your company’s water-saving commitments, names the company/ies you nominate to take on the challenge, and creatively includes a bucket to symbolically pass on the challenge

Four: Snap and share photos that are symbolic of your #BucketList commitments or share your Bucket List Challenge video on your website and social media using #BucketList.

WWF's CEO, Morne du Plessis, has already put out a #BucketList Challenge. Are you ready to take up the challenge? Enter now.

Enter the challenge

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