Registrations for the 2015 Cape Town Cycle Tour

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Ride for Nature

Weldone to the Panda Peloton Team

Thank you!
When you cycle for WWF you not only get to enjoy the incredible natural beauty around the Cape Peninsula, but also have the satisfaction of knowing that you’re helping to conserve and protect those precious resources nature provides. Hope you enjoyed the ride on the shortest route of the 2015 Cape Town Cycle Tour. Through our Ride for Nature campaign the donations received from our Panda Peloton team will be used in conservation work that we do so that we continue to live in harmony with nature.

2015 Cape Town Cycle Tour Countdown

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Terms and conditions: 2015 Cape Town Cycle Tour

  • Official rules & regulations of the race
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    WWF Terms & Conditions
    New entries

    Fees include the official race entry and an exclusive 2015 WWF Cycle Jersey.

    Upgraded entries
    Fees exclude the official race entry as you're already entered, but includes an exclusive 2015 WWF Cycle Jersey.

    For any subtitutes done from 30 January 2015 an amount of R300 will be charged over and above the registration fee.

    • All entries to be paid in full no later than 30 January 2015
    • Payments to be made to your project page on your profile via Given Gain only
    • WWF will not be responsible for payments not made to the correct project
    First come, First paid
    Due to a high demand, we cannot guarantee entries will be available. Entries granted on a first paid basis.