Registrations for the 2015 Momentum 947 Cycle Challenge

Momentum 947 Cycle Challenge / ©: WWF
Momentum 947 Cycle Challenge

Ride for Nature : 2015 Momentum 947 Cycle Challenge

We’d love to see you representing us again!
As you know, there’s something pretty special about this race.  The whole idea is for cyclists to represent  a charity - to Ride for a Purpose or, as we like to put it, to #ridefornature!
That means that on race day the streets of Jozi are packed with cows and people in pink and pandas and and and!
If you’ve already entered and noticed that we’re not yet listed as one of the charities of choice, that’s because we need to have 20 cyclists entered and signed up to #ridefornature before we get listed on the site. It doesn’t cost anything extra to choose to #ridefornature so if you’re keen to take part this year, please consider joining our team again!
How can you help?
  • Enter now by
  • Email to let us know you’d like to #ridefornature
  • We’ll add you to our charity group, giving you the option to take advantage of our charity start time (and just general all round Panda Peloton Awesomeness!)
  • We’ll let you know how you can go about using the race to raise funds for conservation and what prizes are on offer for our top fundraisers
  • And that’s it
Keen? Excellent! Please help us spread the word! Tweet about it, post about it, email, whatsapp, carrier pigeon and smoke signal your friends and get them on board. It’s going to be brilliant!

The Ride for Nature team


2015 Momentum 947 Cycle Challenge

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Ride for Nature at the 2015 Momentum 947 Cycle Challenge

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Terms and conditions: 2015 Cape Town Cycle Tour

  • Official rules & regulations of the race
    Read here

    WWF Terms & Conditions
    New entries

    Fees include the official race entry and an exclusive 2015 WWF Cycle Jersey.

    Upgraded entries
    Fees exclude the official race entry as you're already entered, but includes an exclusive 2015 WWF Cycle Jersey.

    For any subtitutes done from 30 January 2015 an amount of R300 will be charged over and above the registration fee.

    • All entries to be paid in full no later than 30 January 2015
    • Payments to be made to your project page on your profile via Given Gain only
    • WWF will not be responsible for payments not made to the correct project
    First come, First paid
    Due to a high demand, we cannot guarantee entries will be available. Entries granted on a first paid basis.