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Travel light

Travel smart and reduce your carbon footprint.

Nearly 14% of global greenhouse gas emissions result from transport. It would be unrealistic to expect people not to travel, but there are real ways that you can travel more efficiently!
  • Drive less
  • Choose a fuel-efficient car.
  • Check your tyre pressure - incorrect tyre pressure results in higher petrol/diesel usage.
  • Drive smoothly - your car burns the most fuel when you are accelerating. Avoid sharp braking and accelerating to save petrol.
  • Car pool with the kids
  • Avoid unnecessary flying - urge your business to invest in tele- and video-conferencing facilities.
  • Fly direct - most of the fuel used when flying is used during the take off. Fly direct to avoid extra "take-offs". Greenhouse gases which are released at high altitudes have an even greater impact on climate change.
  • Take holidays closer to home - it could be a lot cheaper and save you time.
  • Offset your flight emissions if air travel is unavoidable.
	© Katrin Havia/WWF-Finland
Ride on the train instead of driving.
© Katrin Havia/WWF-Finland

Did you know?

The ROSE Foundation (Recovery of Oil Saves the Environment) manages the environmentally acceptable collection, storage and recycling of used lubricating oil.