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Face-to-Face fundraising

Our team in Durban

Meet our Face-to-Face fundraising team

WWF-SA fundraises in a number of ways. Our latest method is through face-to-face fundraising, which is a great way to engage with members of the public while also raising funds for our vital work to secure a future in which humans can live in harmony with nature.
You may meet a face-to-face fundraiser in a shopping centre near you. This page will show how you can identify a face-to-face fundraiser, and we’ve included a picture of our team.
We hope your experiences with WWF’s face-to-face fundraisers are positive; they’re enthusiastic about generating the funds which make WWF’s work possible and we hope they make you feel inspired too.

If you have any further questions about face-to-face fundraising, please read the frequently asked questions below.

If you would like to ask a specific question, please send us an e-mail or call us on 0861 106 144.

How to recognize us

  1. Our fundraisers are dressed in a WWF t-shirt
  2. All fundraisers carry visable identity cards 
  3. Our counter carries the WWF logo and the wording: "Become an Earth Guardian today" and "Help protect our one and only planet"
  4. Our banners reflect images and messaging of our campaign themes (rhinos, freshwater)

Frequently Asked Questions

New donors may have some questions. Read below a list of frequently asked questions that might provide more clarity:
Q. Why are Earth Guardians so important?
A. Your monthly donation enables WWF-SA to implement long-term solutions to the greatest environmental threats our planet faces. Quite simply, we cannot do it without you!

Q. Why does WWF only collect monthly donations by Debit Order?
A. We do this for 3 main reasons: 
•    It is cost effective: this method ensures that even that even more of your donation is spent directly on conversation projects across SA.
•    It is safe: your donation will be received safely into the WWF bank account every month.
•    It is easy: once we’ve set up the monthly payment for you, your donation will be hard at work every month without you having to do a thing!

Q. Are my details safe?
A. Yes. WWF-SA places the highest priority on the safety and integrity of your personal information. As soon as the fundraiser completed your monthly electronic donation form, your details were uploaded to a secure server and no longer available on that device. If you signed-up on a paper pledge form, details are transferred securely in a password encrypted data file and cannot be viewed by unauthorized people. The financial details contain no sensitive information which could be used to access your account by anyone other WWF-SA, and we comply with all relevant Data Protection Legislation. Your details are safe.

Q. How long should I donate for?
A. This is an easy one: forever… or as long as you possibly can! We hope you will get a great deal of satisfaction from the work that you are supporting and will therefore want to continue donating. You really do make an impact and can be proud of the role you are playing. 

Q. What if my circumstances change?
A. We understand that financial circumstances can change, so if you need to amend your donation amount or would like to discuss some options, please don’t hesitate to contact us on supporters@wwf.org.za or call us on 0861 106 144. 
Q. Can I change the day of the month my donation is taken?
A. In order to reduce administration costs, we only collect monthly donations on the 1st and 15th of every month. So it is possible to change, but currently only to one of these dates.

Q. Are there any tax benefits to donating to WWF-SA?
A. Yes! Your donations are tax deductible. Once per annum, we will issue you with a Section 18A certificate summarising your annual donations which can be used for your personal tax return. 

Q. Where will the money be spent?
A. All of your donations will be spent on projects right here in South Africa and will be distributed where it is needed the most. You can be rest assured that 82c out of every R1 goes directly to conservation work, the remaining 12c goes towards running and operational costs

Q. Will you keep me informed about the difference that my donations are making?
A. Yes, you will receive our e-newsletter, plus ad-hoc communication when we have something very important to share with you. Please follow us on Facebook and Twitter. 

Partnering for a living planet!


Contact us

If you would like to authenticate your interaction with a fundraiser in the field or have any queries, kindly contact us on 0861 106 144.

Alternatively please send us an e-mail.

Where will you find us?

  • We work in shopping malls mainly!

    • Cape Town and surrounds
    • Durban and surrounds
    • Johannesburg
    • Pretoria