The nature of business

Shared value creation acknowledges the opportunity for business to create economic value in ways that also create value for society, both in a social and ecological context. Corporate social responsibility is no longer enough. Innovative shifts in business strategy are needed to understand the systems in which we operate so that we can redefine the ways we do business.
We provide assistance to the corporate sector, charged at a cost-recovery fee. We do all this on a not-for-profit basis. The service that WWF-SA provides is directly in support of its work through the material reduction of the ecological footprint and enhanced sustainability of the business in question.

WWF does nature conservation and environmental protection for people who are unable to do it for themselves. So we ‘sell’ such a service to those who support WWF.

These services include:
  • Corporate Network Partner membership
  • Advice on sustainable business practices
  • Administration of corporate social investment funds earmarked for the environment
  • Assistance with fulfilling the requirement on companies to care for the planet
  • Administration of trusts which support conservation (e.g. The Green Trust)
  • Use of the WWF brand in licensing agreements
  • Endorsement by WWF, and more
WWF-SA has a valuable product for which people are willing to pay, with the added benefit that the objective of WWF-SA remains conservation and not profit. For-profit environmental consultancies can do some of the above but will lack WWF's credibility, experience and connections.

Our engagement with corporates is steadily deepening. It is no longer about companies aiming for compliance – environmental, social, other – there is an evolution within key businesses towards a transformative pathway.

WWF South Africa CEO Dr Morné du Plessis

WWF's Jason Clay at TED: How brands can help save biodiversity

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Why Corporates support WWF?

  • We are solutions oriented
  • We have scientific expertise
  • We are pro-active and cost effective
  • We have access to key decision makers
  • We have a worldwide network of committed and professional staff
  • We are committed to community upliftment through education and sustainable resource management
  • We have years of experience
  • We are one of the world’s largest and most experienced independent conservation organisations

Cape Town contact

  • Virginia Styer

    Coordinator: Corporate Membership

    WWF South Africa,

    +27 21 6576600

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