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Cause marketing

Through licensing initiatives, communication efforts and campaigns, these partnerships raise awareness of environmental issues and mobilise consumer action for nature.
These partnerships raise awareness of environmental issues and mobilise consumer action for nature. Together we develop integrated consumer-facing campaigns and initiatives that allow companies and their customers to show support and to contribute actively to conservation while promoting consumer actions and encouraging sustainable products.

Wherever possible, these collaborations highlight the beauty and uniqueness of places and species for which WWF stands. WWF has relationships with well-known companies and brands through licensing agreements and cause-related marketing, which permit the use of the WWF logo to promote products and services where a portion of the sales or production savings  are ploughed back into our critical conservation work.
Licensing agreements can be extended to companies with a history of corporate responsibility and whose products are produced using environmentally-sustainable practices and materials, while partners affiliated with WWF have to be successful in an assessment to ensure they adhere to sustainability criteria.

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Adventure Inc.

For the active person, whether a cyclist, runner, hiker or fashion fundi, WWF has a licensing agreement with Adventure Inc. the southern African distributor for ‘Buff® Headwear. Buff® is the original multifunctional headwear brand and can be used as a beanie, headband, sweatband or scarf, for protection from the elements. The WWF collection is manufactured from hydrophobic microfiber, is 100 percent recyclable and certified to some of the highest global manufacturing standards.
WWF-SA and Adventure Inc

Boland Promotions

WWF and Boland Promotions have a special range of co-branded products and merchandise of interest mostly to corporates. WWF-branded recycled notebooks, pens and solar jars are among some of the products, as well as ceramic mugs and colourful silicone-grip 500ml glass bottles. Glass does not corrode and is free of contaminants making it healthier for the environment.
WWF-SA and Boland Promotions

Bon Ton Toys

Adding a warm, up-close touch to wildlife, WWF International partners with Bon Ton Toys bringing you the Plush Collection a selection of environmentally-friendly soft animal toys designed in line with European toy safety regulations as well as meeting environmental criteria regarding dyes, paper and heavy metals.
WWF and Bon Ton Toys

Carrol Boyes

As concerns mount over increasing rhino poaching, Carrol Boyes has come on board to support rhino conservation, donating 25 percent from the sale of unique product designs in a range that capture this iconic creature. Stylishly-designed stainless steel products with the rhino on them include a business card case, note pad holder and ice tongs.
WWF-SA and Carrol Boyes

Prima Toys

To intrigue and stimulate young minds, the WWF agreement with Prima Toys includes a colourful selection of puzzles as well as memory and guessing games for various age groups. They mostly feature wildlife images, the likes of pandas, elephants and Great White Sharks.
WWF-SA and Prima Toys

Township Patterns

In linking with the start-up business Township Patterns, WWF is supporting this entrepreneurial brand which produces reusable, African cotton shopping bags. The range of durable bags provide an alternative to plastic bags while the 100 percent African cotton is not harmful to the environment and the products' prints customised with water-based ink.
WWF-SA and Township Patterns