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The Nature of Business

Collaborations with business offer one of the most effective routes to finding sustainable solutions to environmental and social challenges.

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WWF South Africa partners with strategic companies to improve the way products and services are produced, processed, used and consumed for the environment’s benefit. These partnerships play a pivotal role in influencing the course of conservation.

Humanity is using nearly 1.5 planets. Under this “business-as-usual” scenario, by 2050 people are predicted to use twice as much natural resources as they are right now. Many companies rely on natural resources and their operations often significantly impact the environment. But, they also have a crucial role to play in supporting conservation efforts and being part of the solution.

To save the only planet we have, a new economy must be created and driven by a new generation of business leaders..

By working with business, WWF looks to change behaviour and drive conservation results that would be impossible otherwise.

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We do this by:

  • promoting better production and responsible sourcing of raw materials
  • encouraging a switch to 100% renewable energy and away from fossil fuels
  • engaging jointly on public policy
  • supporting the equitable sharing of natural resources
  • redirecting financial flows to support conservation and sustainable ecosystem management
  • raising awareness of the need to consume more wisely
  • protecting some of the world’s most ecologically important places
Offering fresh insights, we support business to build future resilience while making a positive contribution to the natural world.
WWF Corporate Review Issue 16

Corporate Partnerships Report 2016

Philanthropic relationships raise money for the conservation of important places and species, developing the capability and tools to deliver on environmental goals. These companies support and add value to efforts that underpin economic development.

Turn your CSI into action

Through licensing initiatives, communication efforts and campaigns, these partnerships raise awareness of environmental issues and mobilise consumer action for nature. They provide a company’s customers and employees with opportunities to show their support for WWF and help protect our natural world.

Help drive better production

Our mutual partnerships aim to deliver direct conservation results on key issues or priority areas by changing operations and value chain practices. These reduce major environmental impacts of some of the world’s largest companies, achieve conservation results that would not otherwise be possible and influence related sectors and markets.

Change the nature of your business

This co-created platform allows us to facilitate strategic discussion and the sharing of ideas and innovations between important actors in the environmental and business sectors.

Join the network
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Our partnerships are about:

People and organisations with complementary expertise

Experienced science and sustainability expertise, convening and challenging – inspiring global impact

Custodians of all interdependent forms of capital

Bridging finance, resources, supply chains and stakeholders with environmental, social and economic sustainability objective