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WWF's Green Building in Johannesburg

The core principles of sustainability and living within the means of our planet are important to us. This is why we have gone to great lengths to apply these principles in an exciting, new architectural feat: our green star building in Johannesburg.

Location, location, location

Braamfontein is a thriving urban precinct in South Africa’s commercial hub - Johannesburg - and forms part of the City’s rejuvenation initiative.

It is a place of cultural and artistic expression, it offers a range of entertainment possibilities and is home to leading tertiary education institutes. Braamfontein boasts a number of chic and trendy shops, cafés, office spaces and lofts.

Our new office is an open invitation to those who live, work and play in the area to come and connect with us.

The green building

Reconstructed from an existing building on a relatively small 248m² site, the office is a three-storey space which includes open-plan work areas, meeting rooms, kitchens, two board rooms and a rooftop garden. To obtain green-star status, several systems and strategies were employed, resulting in an impressive environmentally innovative and intelligent structure. These are just some of the features in the building:
  • To reduce our water footprint, we have included features that curb our reliance on municipal water and electricity for heating.
  • Our water consumption is reduced through the on-site treatment of effluent. The treated water is reused within the building.
  • Transport is a big contributor to greenhouse gasses, so we have strategically chosen an office location close to public transport.
  • We also encourage our staff to carpool and use our fleet of low-emission pool cars to get around.
  • We give our waste a second chance: There are waste recycling storage areas to encourage recycling and reduce waste going to landfill.
  • Waste bins are available throughout the building to collect paper, glass, metals, plastics and general waste for recycling.
  • More than 80% of the original building's materials were reused in renovation of the building.
  • Our building has both natural ventilation and forced mechanical ventilation - no artificial cooling capacity exists.
  • Our office spaces have been designed to be naturally lit, reducing energy consumption and creating a healthy work environment.

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