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There are lots of ways you can help

The truth is none of our conservation achievements - helping to save endangered wildlife, habitats and communities around the world - would be possible without you.

Get involved right now:

Change how you live. If a lot of people made a lot of small changes, together we can make a big difference. Lessen your impact on the environment with these easy tips.

Campaign with us. WWF campaigns on a range of issues from climate change to grasslands conservation. WWF is a far stronger negotiator on environmental problems when supported by many other voices. You can help us turn up the pressure and create real change by making your voice count. Sign up for our e-newsletter to stay informed of new campaigns.

Donate now. Make a donation today. WWF can not achieve its conservation success without the support of people like you.

Leave a gift in your will. Help to ensure that future generations have a world worth living in by remembering WWF in your will.

Apply for a Nedbank Green Affinity card. Support conservation by doing your everyday banking.

Organise a fundraising event. Support or organise fundraising events (be it a 'green day', karaoke night or tree planting event) in your community and help us raise funds and awareness.

Apply for a MyPlanet card
. Every time you swipe your MyPlanet card at specific stores a percentage of you purchase is donated to WWF South Africa. Apply here. Choose WWF as the charity that you want to support.

Ride for nature, ride with WWF-SA. Support our conservation efforts by joining the WWF Panda Peloton at the 2012 Momentum 94.7 Cycle Challenge. By going that extra mile, you will be raising both awareness and precious funds for our important work.

Donate your Voyager miles, give WWF wings: Supporting WWF’s environmental work doesn’t have to cost a cent. If you are an SAA Voyager member, donate your air miles to WWF. This helps to free up WWF’s highly valued funding for injection directly into conservation work. Donating your miles is easy: (1) Log in to your Voyager account. (2) Choose Voyager Shopping and select Donate Miles. (3) Under Target Account, select WWF and make your donation.

Who says you can't 'give & get' at the same time? Here's a brand new way to get airtime vouchers online and support your favourite charity at the same time. Buy airtime in 3 simple steps and let the profits go to WWF!

Get your rhino-inspired shopping bag: show your support by buying reusable shopping bags at Woolworths - R10 from the sale of each bag comes back to WWF and will be used directly for rhino conservation work.

Sign up for a Pick n Pay Smart Shopper card in-store and choose WWF-SA as the beneficiary of your points. Visit the smart kiosk in store to allocate the points you've accumulated to WWF.
 / ©: Chris Martin WWF-Canon
World Summit on Sustainable Development (WSSD)in Johannesburg. August/September 2002 One of the WWF photographic opportunities at the World Summit, where WWF staffers asked passing delegates whether they would be able to face themselves in the mirror the next day after the shameful deal they negotiated. Republic of South Africa
© Chris Martin WWF-Canon

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Can I volunteer at WWF South Africa?

Unfortunately WWF South Africa does not have a volunteer programme. You can, however, apply for WWF International's Youth Volunteer Programme.
 / ©: Roger Sedres
WWF Pandas spread the Earth Hour message at the V&A Waterfront in Cape Town.
© Roger Sedres