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Open Streets, open minds this Transport Month

At the beginning of Transport Month, we asked our supporters how they planned to walk the talk and shift to environmentally friendly modes of transport.

How will you #WalkTheTalk during Transport Month? This is what we asked our supporters at the beginning of October, as we launched the month at the Open Streets Day in Cape Town.

On a perfectly warm and festive Sunday, participants at Open Streets ditched their cars and travelled into the city on everything from bicycles, unicycles, skateboards to buses, taxis, trains and even – yes – their feet. Once they arrived, there were all sorts of activities to keep young and old busy: dancing, hopscotch, street art, face-painting, juggling, and lunchbox art.

Those who passed by the WWF Social Hub were given the opportunity to share their commitments and vision for transport month by way of selfies that were shared on social media and printed as mementos to remind supporters of the commitment they’ve made. Here’s what they said: With the price of petrol rising again this month, we cheekily asked some motorists, what would inspire them to give up their vehicles and really go green. Transport Month runs until the end of October, and it’s the perfect opportunity to reflect on how you typically get from A to B and how your mobility impacts the environment. Here are some tips to get you on the road – with a lighter footprint.

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