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Finding the energy to meet our climate commitments

If SA is serious about meeting its climate commitments, there are a few things we’ll need to do.

If South Africa is serious about meeting its climate commitments, it should:
  • leave its coal in the ground.
  • maximise the percentage of renewable energy in the country’s electricity mix to bring about an energy future that is both least-cost and most impactful from a climate mitigation perspective.
  • maximise the complementarity of the country’s solar and wind resources and avoid investment in climate-unfriendly fossil fuels and expensive nuclear energy to provide base load.
  • enable cities and municipalities to plan their own electricity provision systems, allowing them the opportunity to both procure and build their own renewable energy plants, which is essential to ensure future sustainability.
  • ensure that policies on both national and sub-national level support private sector investment in renewable energy technologies through incentives, loans, etc.
  • exert pressure on Eskom to ensure that the utility complies with its contractual obligation to sign the outstanding off-taker agreements.
  • ensure that any transition from fossil fuels to renewables happens within the context of a just transition that thoughtful.
Read the Renewable Energy: Facts and Future report for more.
How do we fund the transition to an energy system that is flexible, resilient and adaptable?

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