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WWF welcomes high court decision on nuclear energy

The Western Cape High Court's decision is a win for all South Africans.

WWF South Africa welcomes the Western Cape High Court’s decision to set aside the Section 34 determinations to procure nuclear energy, the Intergovernmental Agreements, the Request for Information and Proposals and the decision to entrust Eskom with the procurement process as unlawful and unconstitutional.

Ellen Davies, Project Manager: Extractives Sector for WWF-SA says: “We applaud Earthlife Africa-Johannesburg and SAFCEI for their perseverance in bringing this case to Court and their unwavering commitment to social and environmental justice.”

“The Western Cape High Court’s decision is a win for all South Africans. At the very least it ensures that if government continues to pursue this very risky and costly programme, due process must be followed”.

Earlier today the Western Cape High Court ruled that government’s and Eskom’s proposed procurement of nuclear energy was unlawful and unconstitutional and was set aside. Any existing requests for proposals from nuclear energy providers have also been set aside.

The court found that the tabling of the Intergovernmental Agreements (IGA) with Russia, USA and Korea were unconstitutional and unlawful and should therefore be set aside, as well as the decisions made (section 34 determinations) to procure nuclear energy.

While nuclear energy would serve to mitigate some of South Africa’s carbon emissions, WWF-SA strongly believes that it is not an appropriate energy choice for the country.

There is a great deal of uncertainty surrounding South Africa’s future energy demand.

WWF-SA believes that as a developing country, we need to be able to learn from our mistakes and build on our success.

One of our globally lauded successes as a country is the Renewable Energy Independent Power Producers Procurement Programme. Since the programme’s inception, 92 Independent Power Producers have been selected who will contribute more than 6,327 MW to the national grid.

It has already attracted significant foreign direct investment and brought clean energy online at very little risk and cost to the country. WWF-SA believes that these wins should be built on and replicated.

For further details contact Ellen Davies at edavies@wwf.org.za 
In the 21st century, the traditional model of centralised production reliant on large coal, gas or nuclear power stations distributed to consumers through extensive grid networks is being challenged.

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