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Get moving in the right direction

Here are green transport tips to beat the fuel price blues.

Two months into 2017, and it seems the price of petrol in South Africa is rapidly accelerating in a northerly direction.

In January you started paying around 50c extra per litre of fuel, and next month the cost is set to increase between 20c and 30c.

It’s the perfect time to rethink your energy mix and how you travel from A to B. Are you ready hit the road in a new way and make 2017 green and little lighter on your pocket?

To do this, we need to shift from traditional modes of transport to existing alternatives that use less carbon. Making use of the public transport alternatives available to you is the first step.

To help you along, though, here are some more creative things to consider:
  • Schedule your errands for one trip
  • Implement virtual meetings to eliminate your need to travel
  • Walk or cycle anywhere less than a kilometre from you
  • Use public transport if at all possible, including trains and buses
  • Organise a carpool at work
Transport is South Africa’s second biggest emitter of greenhouse gases, after our coal-based electricity supply.

Over half of these emissions are due to passenger transport, and of those 69% comes from cars. Combined, these emissions are accelerating climate change.

The choices you make can make a difference. And, remember, every action, big and small, has the potential to inspires others to a #Green2017.
If we hope to combat climate change, one of the biggest changes we will have to make is the way in which we transport people and goods.

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