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Twitter chat: How to green your 2017

Join our Twitter chat and convert your #Green2017 resolutions into lasting change.

At the start of 2017, WWF South Africa challenged supporters on social media to commit to a #green2017 - New Year’s resolutions that benefit people and the environment.

This is how they responded…

Strictly green fish on my dish

The message was clear: People are in the mood to make a change, both personally and for the planet.  But now that resolutions have been made, how do we sustain these commitments throughout the year to truly make it a #Green2017?

Join our #Green2017 Twitter chat to find out more: 
Tuesday, 31 January 2017
1pm to 2pm

Hosted by @WWFSouthAfrica, together with @missearth_sa@OpenStreetsCT and @2OceansAquarium, we will explore how you can take your resolutions to the next level to make lasting change for yourself and the environment.

What we’ll be asking:
Q1: What is your #Green2017 resolution?

Q2: What are your eco-unfriendly pet peeves? #Green2017

Q3: Who else needs to make it a #Green2017?

Q4: Share tips for staying committed to a #Green2017.
Join our #Green2017 Twitter chat and find out why green is the new cool.

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