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WWF Annual Report 2016

Explore WWF South Africa's progress in 2016 with the latest annual report.

From the CEO's report in the WWF South Africa Annual Report 2016:

"Across the globe we are living in extraordinary times, characterised by unprecedented risk. In South Africa we face uncertainty about our economic, social, political and environmental future. The challenges we face are not insignificant, and may even trigger a sense of collective pessimism.
"Within WWF ranks, however, we see these challenges as an opportunity for charting a new path for ourselves: to invigorate our vigilance, boost our responsiveness to this ever-changing world and forge fresh approaches and relationships to make a bigger impact than ever. We remain committed to our core values – values of optimism, engagement, integrity, accountability and inclusivity.
"With these values at the heart of our work, I am proud to reveal the completion of a successful five-year strategic period and that we are embarking on another new strategy that is bolder, robust and acutely focused on creating a nurturing space for innovation. In looking to the future, WWF will ramp up emphasis on upskilling, motivating and encouraging breakthrough advances on making an impact at scale.
"The last five years set us on a course of integrating people and the environment, creating a world in which people live in harmony with nature. This has been the natural starting point for our new strategy. The pivotal role of people is embedded in our environmental work and thinking."

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WWF-SA annual report 2016

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