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Situated on the Gydo Pass outside Ceres, Koelfontein Estate has been in the Conradie family since 1832.

With 598 hectares under conservation, they take nature into consideration in everything they do and the remaining areas of natural veld are precious to them.

The three vegetation types occurring on the farm are Winterhoek Sandstone Fynbos as well as endangered Kouebokkeveld Shale Fynbos and Kouebokkeveld Alluvium Fynbos. At Koelfontein they focus on the fundamentals, from soil conservation to using water sparingly.

They also make use of mating disruption techniques to control eastern fruit moth and codling moth, and in so doing they are able to be more sustainable. There is a self-catering cottage on a secluded corner of the farm and visitors can enjoy nature by hiking the Christie Prins trail that is on the Koelfontein property.

Area conserved: 598 ha

Location: Ceres Plateau

Membership date: 17 April 2015

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