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WWF Nedbank Green Trust Newsletter

Enjoy the WWF Nedbank Green Trust's 25th Anniversary Newsletter.



The WWF Nedbank Green Trust, founded in 1990, has been bringing people and nature together for their mutual benefit for a quarter of a century. Our slogan, igniting new ways for people and nature to thrive, is our key reason for existence and we have, over the past 25 years, sought new paths, points of connections and solutions to ensure that people and their ecosystems prosper.


Our projects have, throughout the years, had a strong community-based focus as we are constantly and consistently conscious of the fact that conservation cannot succeed without people. Communities are often the custodians of ecosystems and it is critical that they participate in the work we do and reap rewards from the gains made... Read more


  1. Our future environmental leaders 2015
  2. Future of food systems in South Africa

Far more that unites us than divides us


When you see young Muslims and Christians working, praying, socialising and growing together at the multi-faith environmental leadership camps and training workshops, it renews your faith in the possibility of a united world. “There is far more that unites us than divides us,” says Imam Rashied Omar of the Claremont Main Road Mosque, representing the Cape Town Muslim community. Top of the list is the shared vision to stop...Read more


Using tax breaks to save biodiversity


On the 10th of June BirdLife South Africa, in partnership with the WWF Nedbank Green Trust, proudly announced the launch of the Biodiversity Stewardship Fiscal Benefits Project. Biodiversity Stewardship is a novel and key means to formally protect biodiversity found on privately-owned land and is part of the national response to secure the future of the variety of life found in South Africa. The success of Biodiversity Stewardship rests on...Read more


The Future of Food Systems


A recent process to construct scenarios about the possible futures of the South African food system has been completed, with funding from WWF Nedbank Green Trust and the Ford Foundation. The Southern African Food Lab facilitated this to understand, and help address, the emerging failings of the food system, as increasing numbers of South Africans remain malnourished and without access to adequate, healthy food. A systematic review of published literature on the food system revealed a number of crucial issues pertaining to the future...Read more


Water for me, water for you, water for SA


In the rural areas, the manner in which your upstream neighbours manage their water, directly impacts on the quality and quantity of the water you receive. Which is why the two million-plus water users along the 230km Pongola River (from source to sea) are being encouraged to come together to co-manage this strategic South African water source in a major new WWF Nedbank Green Trust project titled Water Security for Pongola. “The Pongola River and its headwater is part of the critical 8% of South African landscapes that provide more than 50% of our...Read more


The WWF Nedbank Green Trust Supports Leadership Development for Biodiversity


The WWF Nedbank Green Trust supports leadership development for biodiversity. Established in 2012, The GreenMatter Fellowship has grown in its development of specialists, researchers and leaders for biodiversity. The WWF Nedbank Green Trust has put its support behind the leadership development component of the GreenMatter Fellowship for the next two years, supporting mid-career biodiversity professionals. Twenty WWF Nedbank Green Trust Emerging Leaders, working under the banner of the WWF Nedbank Green Trust Emerging Leaders Fellowship...Read more

Beating climate change

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