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WWF and ICLEI call on South Africa’s cities to enter global challenge

Conservation organisation WWF South Africa and international NGO ICLEI are calling on South Africa’s cities to enter the 2015-16 Earth Hour City Challenge.

“The Earth Hour City Challenge is a year-long competition among cities and towns around the world to promote renewable energy and prepare for climate change,” explains Louise Scholtz, Manager: Special Projects at WWF South Africa.

“Cities and towns that participate by competing for the title of South African national Earth Hour Capital - as well as the Global Earth Hour Capital - are recognised for their efforts in spreading the global movement to create more sustainable, resilient cities.”
South Africa has a strong history in the competition with Cape Town having been awarded the title of Global Earth Hour Capital in the 2013-2014 competition.

Last year, four cities took part, reporting 176 actions, as well as their greenhouse gas inventories and commitments to reduce energy and CO2 emissions. The actions reported ranged from solar water heater programmes to bus rapid transport systems and municipal energy efficiency initiatives. Strategies were evaluated by an international jury consisting of experts in areas ranging from urban planning and transport to consumer behaviour and energy systems.
The international jury named Tshwane South Africa’s national Earth Hour Capital.
This year, the same adjudication process will take place and the 2015-16 Global Earth Hour Capital will be presented in March/April 2016. Now in its third year, WWF South Africa and ICLEI Africa are pleased that the 2015-2016 competition will include a national round catering to the potential that secondary municipalities present in the journey towards a low-carbon future.
“Municipalities, enter by creating a profile on the carbonn Climate Registry to capture the municipality's climate actions. This undertaking could also serve as a data repository exercise for all the municipalities' sustainable initiatives,” explains Steven Bland, Project Manager, ICLEI-Africa.

For more information, and to enter, visit www.wwf.org.za/ehcc or contact irina.velasco@iclei.org.
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