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Wildrunner Trail Run

The partnership between Wildrunner and WWF SA means that from now on, when you enter any Wildrunner race (any Spur Trail Series™ race, Wildrun™ or any of the Mountain Challenge Series races) you will be given the option to make a donation to the WWF. These funds will go straight to WWF SA and utilised to conserve the very areas that we have the privilege of running in.

WWF Run for Nature partners Wildrunner

Athletes and wannabes, we are delighted to introduce a brand new campaign designed to enhance your appreciation of nature, while enabling you to help conserve it and keep you on your toes!
Since the launch of our Ride for Nature campaign two years ago, we’ve seen hundreds of panda-emblazoned cyclists braving the mountains of the Cape, the flats of Gauteng and just about everywhere in-between in an effort to make a tangible impact on their world. And they have! Through Ride for Nature to date, we’ve raised over a million rand for conservation.

However not everyone is born to cycle, but according to famed author Christopher McDougall at least, we’re all Born to Run! And so, with no further ado, allow us to introduce Run for Nature! Same concept, new sport, just as simple.

Trail runners can now Run for Nature and help conserve the very nature they love and enjoy so much! We’re proud to be associated with Wildrunner in this venture through the Spur Trail Series taking place across South Africa throughout the year. Feeling keen? Feeling brave? Click here to learn more and sign up!

Run for Nature in the Sanlam Cape Town Marathon

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